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As a non-profit group, the LION broadcasts underwriting of local businesses and organizations in the State College area and among the 40,000+ Students and Faculty of Penn State University. Just like our shows, our underwriting also reaches out over our live web-stream to an endless number of listeners including our 550,000+ Alumni.

With your contribution the LION will create a professional audio segment explaining your company's business, for example: product/service, time/location and contact information. To contact the LION about our underwriting click here

You Can Help Secure The Future of Penn State Radio.

These are challenging times. Your donations will help ensure that Penn State Radio endures and thrives, providing a state-of-the-art means for students to pursue excellence in broadcasting.

Your donations will:

* Help student radio remain competitive by providing student staff members with state-of-the-art technology.

* Help finance programs to benefit student staff members and prepare them for careers.

* Help secure the financial independence of the organization.

Please consider a gift to student radio, which will benefit both the permanent endowment and the continued fundraising and mentorship of the alumni interest group. Thank you for your financial support.

When you donate directly via Penn State University your donation is tax deductible and will count toward your lifetime giving credits to the University. Penn State will mail your tax receipt.

  1. Click the “Donate” button below to go to Penn State’s online giving site, and your donation will automatically be allocated to the Student Radio Club.
  2. Fill out the information requested by Penn State.
  3. If you have any difficulties, please call 888-800-9163, and indicate: "Student Radio Club XXTRF" as your donation choice.


 Thank You For Supporting The LION 90.7fm - Penn State Student Radio


Join The LION

How to Join The LION!

We at the LION are always looking for new volunteers! Whether it’s on or off-air there's always room to help run Penn State’s only 365, 24/7 student radio station. We have an array of different areas to work in including: On-Air Talent, Studio Production, Studio Programming, Station Engineering, Web Development, Finance/Accounting, Sales, Promotions and Social Media.

If you want to learn more about the communication industry and radio broadcasting or simply would like to join a Penn State Student Organization submit the form below and will get back to you as soon as possible!

Welcome back students and listeners!

Give the The Lion 90.7 fm a shout at 814-865-9577(WKPS)!

Penn State Football Broadcast Schedule

Aug. 29, noon ET - PSU v. Akron
Sept. 20, tba - PSU v. Massachusettes
Sept. 27, noon ET - PSU v. Northwestern
Oct. 25, 8pm ET - PSU v. Ohio State
Nov. 1, tba - PSU v. Maryland
Nov. 15, tba - PSU v. Temple
Nov. 29, tba - PSU v. MIchigan
keep tuned for updates!