Michael Marino

Host of How to Quit Vaping on The Lion 90.7 FM

Michael Marino – host of ‘How to Quit Vaping’, The Lion’s very very serious and grounded talk show, on Fridays from 4-5 PM.  Michael is a 5th year masters student in Labor Law, who plays by his own rules.  Originally from Connecticut in the suburbs of New York, his world view is highly toxic and largely invalid in many settings.  He is relatively tall, but in poor physical shape for 22. His goals include summiting Everest, K2, and Denali without training or use of oxygen, repairing the cracked screen on his Microsoft Zune, ascending to a dominant militaristic political role in the outskirts of the disintegrating Azerbaijani republic, and starting a career in finance regulatory or compliance analytics. This season, he intends to make his co-host Nick complete the Sprite and Banana challenge in under 40 seconds live on air, with repeated weekly attempts until success is achieved.

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