Jazz Spectrum Playlist for January 13, 2021

Written by on January 13, 2021

JOHN COLTRANE—Untitled Original 11386—Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album—Impulse!—2018

STAN GETZ/LIONEL HAMPTON—Gladys (Alternate – Previously Unreleased)—Hamp & Getz—Verve–1995

HOWARD JOHNSON AND GRAVITY—Evolution—Testimony—Tuscarora Records—2017

THE BLUE NOTE 7—Idle Moments—Mosaic—Blue Note—2009

ORRIN EVANS—All The Things You Are—The Evolution of Oneself—Smoke Sessions Records—2015

JARED GOLD—Sweet Sweet Spirit—Reemergence—Strikezone—2018

MARKUS RUTZ—Passion Dance—Blueprints Figure Two: New Designs—OA2 Records—2020

MELISSA ALDANA—Alegria—Back Home—Word of Mouth Music—2016

BRIAN SCANLON—My Right Foot—Brain Scan—Scan Man Music—2019

KAYLE BRECHER—My Favorite Things—Kayleidoscope—Penchant Four Records—2020

HARRISON2—Dig Diz—Trout in Swimwear—Harrison2—2020

JOACHIM MENCEL—Two Pieces of Beatrice—Brooklyn Eye—Origin Records—2020

TROY ROBERTS—Rejekt—Stuff I Heard—Toy Robot Music—2020

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