WKPS Jazz Spectrum Playlist for June 23, 2021

Written by on June 23, 2021

ANTHONY BRAXTON—Pointillistic—Media Pix (9.00—9:03)

CHARLIE HUNTER & POUND FORPOUND—Shake, Shake It Baby—Media Pix (9:03—9:05)

Legal ID (9:05)

Weather Bed (9:05)

JOHN COLTRANE—Blue World—Blue World—Impulse!—2019 (9:08—9:15)

MILES DAVIS—Hannibal—Merci Miles! Live at Vienne—Warner Records—2021 (9:17—9:30)

Promo (9:30)

PSA (9:31)

ID FX (9:31)

PSA (9:32)

Return to ID FX (9:32)

JULIAN LAGE—Saint Rose—Squint—Blue Note—2021 (9:32)

KIKOSKI CARPENTER NOVAK SHEPPARD—My One and Only Love—From the Hip—BFM Jazz—2013 (9:38—9:46)

AKIKO TSURUGA—Mushi Mushi—Sweet and Funky—18th & Vine—2007 (9:46—9:52)

CRAIG TABORN—Bodies We Came Out of—Light Made Lighter—Thirsty Ear—2001 (9:43—9:48)

DIEGO FIGUEIREDO—Spain—Compilation—Arbors Jazz–2020 (10:05—10:08)

SUE ANNE GERSHENZON–Fool on the Hill—You Must Believe In Spring—Sue Anne Gershenzon–2020 (10:09—10:14)

JIHEE HEO—Blurring the Blues—Are You Ready?—OA2 Records—2020 (10:15—10:19)

THE BAD PLUS—Tom Sawyer—Prog—Heads Up—2007 (10:20—10:25)

Promo (10:26)

PSA (10:27)

ID FX (10:27)

PSA (10:27)

Return to ID FX (10:27)

JASON KAO HWANG—2 AM—Human Rites Trio—True Sound Recordings—2020 (10:29—10:35)

DAVID FRIESEN—Deep South Blues—Testimony—Origin Records—2020 (10:35—10:39)

ID FX (10:39—10:39)

GERALD VEASLEY—Greenwood—Your Move—Heads Up—2008 (10:39—10:43)

MASSIMO BIOLCATI—Everybody Wants To Rule the World—Incontre—Sounderscore—2020 (10:44—10:49)

ERIK JEKABSON SEXTET—Shaker Funk—One Note at a Time—Wide Hive Records—2020 (10:49—10:54)

EVENT HORIZON JAZZ QUARTET—Strut—Event Horizon—GRB Records–2020—(10:54—10:59)

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